Bibliography – Novels, Short Stories


1887: Dead Man’s Rock
1888: The Astonishing History of Troy Town
1889: The Splendid Spur
1891: The Blue Pavilions
1896: Ia
1898: St. Ives by R.L Stevenson: completed by Q.
1899: The Ship of Stars
1902: The Westcotes
1903: The Adventures of Harry Revel
1903: Hetty Wesley
1904: Fort Amity
1905: The Shining Ferry
1906: Sir John Constantine
1906: The Mayor of Troy
1907: Poison Island
1907: Major Vigoureux
1909: True Tilda
1910: Lady Good-for-Nothing
1911: Brother Copas
1912: Hocken and Hunken
1915: Nicky-Nan, Reservist
1918: Foe Farrell

Part 1 & drafts of Castle Dor prepared by Q
1962 completed by Daphne du Maurier

Short Story Collections:

1891: Noughts and Crosses
1892: I SawThree Ships, and Other Winter’s Tales.
1893: The Delectable Duchy
1895: Wandering Heath
1900: Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts
1901: The Laird’s Luck
1902: The White Wolf
1903: Two Sides of the Face
1905: Shakespeare’s Christmas
1907: The Merry Garden
1910: Corporal Sam and Other Stories
1913: News from the Duchy
1917: Mortallone and Aunt Trinidad, Tales of the Spanish Main
1937: Mystery Stories

A detailed list of story titles for each collection, is given on a Jessica Amanda Salmonson website (Bremerton, Washinton, USA)

Two little booklets produced by Q for sale in aid of the Fowey Cottage Hospital Bazaar: a limited edition of 300 signed copies in each case.
1899: A Fowey Garland
1912: My Best Book


1892: The Warwickshire Avon


1912: The Roll Call of Honour
1917: Memoir of Arthur John Butler

Other references:

Basil Willey: The ‘Q’ Tradition: An Inaugural Lecture (1946 C.U.P.) by his successor as Professor of English Literature at Cambridge.

Alan M.Kent: The Literature of Cornwall: Continuity-Identity-Difference: 1000-2000: (2000 Redcliffe) with many references to Q.

Philip Payton: A.L.Rowse and Cornwall: (2005 University of Exeter Press) includes a numer of references to Q and his relationship with Rowse.